Micro Controller Based Automatic Voltage Stabilizers with Digital Display (Step Up)

Automatic Voltage Stabilizers work to provide the Air Conditioner with proper voltages to optimize its performance. The Stabilizers regulates the input voltage to a proper range of output voltage which is optimum for the A.C. It bridges the gap between the voltage required by A.C. & the voltage supplied by the electricity board. It also serves as a protector in case of high or low voltage and protects the A.C. from the adeverse effects of improper voltage. The stabilizer also has a TIme Delay Function to protect the compressor against any consecutive starts. Whenever there is rise or drop in the mains voltage, stabilizer ensures that the A.C. always recieve the safe voltage within specified range.

  • Input Voltage Range
    • 160V TO 260V - Std Range
    • 130V TO 280V - Ext.Range
    • 90V TO 280V - Ext.Range
  • Output Voltage: 220V + 10% at full load
  • Voltmeter: Provided with all models
  • Overload & Short Circuit Protection: Provided with fuse in smaller models & with MCB in higher models.
  • Over Voltage Cut-OFF: Optional
  • Under Voltage Cut-OFF: Optional
  • Delay TIme: Optional-3 min. approx.(Can be set as per Specifications)
  • Input Voltage
  • Output Voltage
  • Output Current
  • High Voltage Cut-OFF
  • Low Voltage Cut-OFF
  • Overload
  • 1 KVA to 30 KVA - Single Phase

Air Conditioners,Deep Freezers, Refrigerators, Water Coolers, Bottle Coolers, Home Appliances, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens, Office Equipements, Communication Systems,etc.